At the foot of the Valpolicella hills you just have to look up to be attracted by this little architectural-scenic jewel. Seen from below, the village seems to be within reach, reachable within walking distance. As you approach, along the winding road, you can see the houses that rise from the rock, the same stone of with most of them are build of.

The village is revealed as well as in ancient times, a natural fortress that is reached after a long and tiring journey despite the first impression of closeness. From this derives the name “ingannapoltron“.
This nickname seems to date back to the Middle Ages when the joking word “poltron” was added to the toponymal “San Giorgio in Ganna“: an attribute that some scholars trace back to “ganne“, pre-Roman name pertinent to the Eastern Alps, which would simply mean “pile of stones “or” rocky and stony place “.
The village of San Giorgio in fact is linked, since ancient times, to an intense activity of extraction and processing of precious marble.