The anniversary of 25 April in San Giorgio di Valpolicella is celebrated with the “zùghi en piassa”: just to remember the day that symbolizes the end of the war the inhabitants of San Giorgio Ingannapolton decided, at that time, to live the square animating it games, rides and entertainment for the little ones, but also for adults.

Even today, the traditional games practiced on the street with a few simple tools are repeated: tug of war, blind fly, the circle, the stilts, the “pignatte” full of sweets, the race of the carts, the “moccolo”, the maps to be launched towards the wall and the famous “s-cianco”.

A day of celebration involving the members of the “Pro loco”, the inhabitants and guests of the village: lunch inside the garden under the olive trees, the afternoon to experience these “new” games in the teams of the Church to end with a delicious snack for children. In 2003, on the occasion of the “s-cianco City of Verona Tournament”, the Ancient Games association organizes the first and only “International Festival of Street Games”: the “Tocatì”. So every year in September the historic center of Verona is transformed to accommodate players and curious from all over Italy